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How to stop binge eating

How do I stop if I start binge eating?

It definitely gets tougher once you start to stop. At this point, you have to take more desperate measures. If I can gather any reserve at all, I throw the food in the garbage. I don’t throw it on the top either, I make sure it is crushed and inedible. If I can’t throw the food away, I have asked my husband to either eat something or throw it away for me. I am lucky he is supportive enough to help me with such things. Don’t let that voice tell you that you are wasting food. It’s a trick. You either waste it in the trash or on your body, where you have to work it off in health problems and exercise and dieting later. So either way, it is a waste. When in doubt, toss it out!

Change what you are doing after you remove the food from your immediate area. Go see a friend, call someone, talk it out, go to the gym, put on music and dance it out, just don’t do whatever it was that you were doing when the binge was triggered. In fact, if you couldn’t muster the strength the remove the food from your vicinity, removing yourself from its vicinity is a good option.

Changing what you are eating mid binge may help. For instance, if you started by eating cookies, maybe you can muster the strength to add an apple and nut butter in between cookies. That leaves less room for more cookies. It also changes the taste in your mouth, so it switches things up and takes you out of the frenzy mode a bit. The combination of fiber and protein will also help satisfy true hunger, so that will be one less thing to combat.

Keep thinking while you are eating. Even though you caved in, that doesn’t mean the fight is over. You can still stop. One slice of pizza is always going to have less calories than two. Keep trying to figure out why you are eating and what might resolve the problem or provide the same emotional comfort. If you do manage to figure it out, write it down and keep it with your list of binge busters. Don’t forget to immediately act on it.

The moral of the story is PLAN. Binge eating is a sudden urge and it’s a strong one. You need a strong plan to fight it. Don’t wait until you’re about to dive into a plate of goodies before you have your plan in place. Once a binge is started, it is ten times harder to stop, so avoid the triggers, avoid the first compulsive bite, and avoid the binge.